Our Board of Directors


       Geofrrey R. Renner                                      Phoday Jaiteh                                Karamo K. Bojang


Madam Alaba Mboge                                 Cherno B. Jallow                                  PS MOICI 




Mr. Dibba                                              PS MOSFEN 

Read everything through carefully and tackle the problems you know best or are worth the most points first. writing school reports textessay everyone went through having their first syllabus week where they felt so overwhelmed but so excited at the same time.

Parcel & Mails

  • Domestic Mails
  • International Mails
  • Trace Your Mails
  • Buy Your Stamps/Philately

Financial Services


  • Money Transfer
  • PMT
  • Western Union
  • Ria Money Gram 

Find Us At

3 Liberation Avenue

Banjul, The Gambia

West Africa 

Tel: +220 3660230


Email: info@gampost.gm